About The Service

What better way to efficiently enhance your shopping experience at City Centre Almaza than with your own expert stylist?
Get an expert stylist by your side through your assisted shopping journey. Your expert will shed the light on personally tailored tips & tricks to help you shop for your unique style and body.
Your journey begins from home. After your booking is confirmed, complete a simple questionnaire to help you come prepared to your session. You will then meet your stylist at your personal consultation where you will have an in-depth conversation reviewing the questionnaire and building your style to create a personal shopping list. Then, off you go on your shopping quest!
The stylist will help you learn how to dress for your body shape, tone, colouring, personality and lifestyle, all within your unique budget. There is no minimum spending required! Your stylist will work to achieve your shopping goals and fashion style within your needs.
With access to all brands at City Centre Almaza, your stylist will take you to the shops based on your budget. As we have no affiliation to one shop, your stylist isn’t guided by targets, commission or confined to one retailer. The goal is to understand you, your needs and leave you feeling your best.




Nourhan Elashry

As a certified stylist and image consultant who graduated from the Dubai Fashion Institute and Style School, Nouran Elashry developed her passion towards fashion at a very young age, later turning that dream into a reality by becoming a popular fashion stylist. Nouran has a natural talent in sewing and refurbishing select pieces from her wardrobe to match her own unique taste in fashion.

My approach

“In my world, colours, fabrics and patterns alter words for self-expression. Nothing compares to the magic you can bring to the world through playing with layers and perfecting details while mixing and matching what makes your identity pop.”

Salma Al-Gazzar

As a character who is curious about fashion by nature, Salma enjoys witnessing the endless opportunities that fashion provides people with when presenting themselves to the world. Salma’s two-year long journey of styling has allowed her to understand her clients better as well as guide them in making relevant decisions when choosing clothing and accessory pieces. Salma’s knowledge about different artists, models, influencers and editorial inspiration has allowed her to stay up-to-date on the latest trends within the fashion industry.

My approach

“Style for me is about self confidence and I believe it can help you understand yourself better and believe in your own imperfections.”

Habiba Rahouma

Habiba is a dedicated fashion and styling enthusiast and costume designer who is keen on developing new creative styles. With over four years of experience in creating and maintaining unique traditions, Habiba has worked with celebrities for image consultancy, television commercials, movies and photoshoots (for both commercials and editorials), which taught her how to be open and understanding to all styles, body shapes, skin tones and cultures. Habiba also worked with popular magazines such as Vogue, GQ Middle East and ELLE Arabia, helping her gain the necessary experience and knowledge needed to provide her clients with a chic, stylish and modest look.

Alaa Hamed

Alaa Hamed is a stylist and model known for her distinctive sense of fashion. She studied at Milan fashion campus to become a certified image consultant and fashion stylist, where she stood out by presenting her unique ancient Egypt style for the great pyramids editorial photoshoot. Interestingly she also has masters in cosmetic dentistry , which made her very detail oriented and punctual. She has a quite and friendly nature that makes clients enjoy dealing with her without being unnerved.  High end brands is her strong point she knows what to pick and how to reach a unique look. Her taste and knowledge of what suits each body shape and skin tone make her stand out as a personal and celebritystylist. She’s dressed both women and men beginning from day to day basics to posh outfits.

My approach

I consider fashion styling to be my ease of mind before job, I enjoy making my clients confident by getting out the best of every piece of cloth. I believe to reach the perfect look you have to own your imperfections before bringing out your best spots that way the look becomes flawless.

Dalia Sabry

Dalia has a passion to fashion since she was kid, she loves to mix and match, crazy about shopping and fashion updates. she decided to take it in a professional way , now she is certified in persona/celebrity styling from one of the biggest institutes FAD and Style School. She has a very good communication/ negotiation skills due to her 11 years' work experience. Furthermore, her contribution in trunk and fashions shows in different events and occasions, also shoots for some brands like Daly dress.

Nermeen Ibrahim

Meet Nermeen Ibrahim, Personal & fashion stylist whose passion for fashion and style turned into a professional career. she got certified from Dubai fashion institute and London college of style to get the needed academic knowledge to support and elevate her talent with the science of styling from the experts. Nermeen love to help her clients to know their personality and get the best pieces that suits their personality style, body type and most importantly related to the event within their budget. She works with everyday people and celebrities and also she is a fashion stylist for photoshoots & commercials

My Approach

Styling for me is more than fashion & trends . It is the art of finding your authentic look. It is finding the style that fits your personality, body, skin tone to radiate more confidence, uniqueness and most importantly who you are.

I feel that my efforts are crowned with success when I see my clients smiles and boost their confidence. My goal is to raise awareness that not everything trendy, pricey, or fall under a certain brand can fit everyone. You don’t have to buy the latest trends or from certain brand to look cool and beautiful, I do believe that by knowing your personality, body type, and the pieces that exactly suits your body type will make you much more beautiful and attractive. Also, My goal is to assist anyone who wants to find their authentic look and give them the confident to wear what expresses their real character.

Rym Tohamy

Rym has an intense experience in fashion and styling, trained and certified as a personal stylist/shopper and as a fashion stylist in Cairo. She is able to help coordinate looks for every occasion or a day-to-day outfits for both men and women. With her friendly nature and extraordinary taste, she can put her clients at ease and walk her clients through an extraordinary and easy fashion journey in all retail stores and brands.

My Approach

Is to help all my clients feel good about themselves and love their bodies and help them understand how to dress it in such a way that they feel confident and embrace their imperfections through building their own style.

Nervana Diab

A certified stylist by Dubai Fashion Institute, London College of Style and the Fashion Studio , is known for her upbeat character and her unique styling skills. 
She styles her clients based on not only their ‘Body Shapes/Types’’ but also their personalities and preferences. Nervana takes her clients comfort zone and attempts to reduce the barriers to help them with their self-discovery journey.
She creates limitless possibilities for her clients to become more comfortable and happier with their attire. Nervana styles all genders of all ages and does so with passion. Nervana is well informed of both local and international brands; hence, she is able to provide various alternatives based on her clients requests and needs.

My Approach

Style to me is defining who you are. It is a way of expressing yourself without speaking. I enjoy helping my clients express their inner being. With styling, my clients are able to express themselves Accurately and Fashionably. As humans, we gain confidence when we’re comfortable or admired; My approach aims to fulfill both aspects.


Are there any rescheduling fees?

You may amend your package (date, time, stylist) up to 72 hours before the session free of charge. Should you wish to amend your session less than 72 hours from your session, a fee of EGP 400 will be charged.

Can I add a shopping budget to the service?

You may add on a Mall gift card to your session which can be used at any of the retailers during your style session. Minimum amount for a gift card is EGP 1,000 and maximum amount is EGP 6,000.

Can I buy a gift card after I’ve booked?

Of course, you will be able to purchase a gift card from any Customer Service desk.

Can I change my package to another one after I’ve booked?

You may amend your package (date, time, stylist) up to 72 hours before the session free of charge. Additional charges may apply depending on the package chosen.

Can I change my stylist after I’ve selected her?

You may request another stylist up to 72 hours before your booking however we cannot guarantee availability as they may be booked with other customers. We will always endeavour to pair you with your requested/preferred stylist.

Can I change the time / date of my booking?

The date and time of your booking can be changed up to 72 hours before your session. Should you wish to amend your session less than 72 hours from your session, EGP 400 will be charged.

Can I communicate with my stylist after the session is completed?

You may text the stylist via the stylist chat service after the session (up to 24 hours). After this time, the chat will be closed.

Can I have my items pre-pulled before I arrive?

The beauty of this service is that any and all brands are accessible during your style session. This means that you are able to experience even more in terms of brands during your time with your stylist. If you would rather stick to a select few shops, our stylist are able to put items aside for your arrival.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

You may upgrade your package up to 24 hours before the session takes place. To downgrade a package, you would be issued a refund for the amount for the more expensive package less 5%. A package cannot be downgraded less than 72 hours before the session.

Do I have to attend my session?

We highly recommend you attend the session in person for the best results.

Do I need to book in advance or will I be able to book on the day and secure a booking?

We usually require 48 hours notice before a session to allow your stylist to fully prepare. If however you need an appointment on the same day, we will endeavour to accommodate.

Do I walk around with my stylist or will it all be in one location?

As your styling session is as much about educating you about how to style yourself long term, you will be accompanying your stylist around the mall. In most cases, they will let you know exactly which shops you will be visiting based on your style questionnaire.

Do you offer home delivery services?

Once the service has been completed, you have the option to take your shopping bags with you or have us deliver them to your home!

Do you offer shopping assistant services?

We currently only offer personal stylist services, however we will be launching the shopping assistant services in the near future!

Does your stylist share feedback/advice on hair, makeup, grooming?

Our personal stylists are able to give advice on all of the above. During your session, you will learn about head to toe styling.

How do you match my stylist according to my needs and preferences?

All of our stylists have vast styling experience and are all friendly and very easy to get along with. Our stylists have clients from all different walks of life from the ages of 8 to 80 and can make anyone feel at ease. our stylists are experts in their field and well versed working with people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

How far in advance can I book?

Up to 1 month.

How will I know that my stylist will understand me according to my preferences?

All our Stylists have clients from all different walks of life and can instantly build up a rapport with you whilst also contemplating what to do with your look. As they are experts in their field, they are able to tailor their advice specifically for you.

Is the session transferable?

Should you for some reason be unable to attend your session, this can be gifted to a friend, colleague, loved one. Please let your booking coordinator know.

Is there a focus on specific brands?

The beauty of this personal styling service is that it’s all about you. We do not have an affiliation to any one store or brand making this service totally unique. The brands/stores selected are solely based on your requirements and preferences through the style questionnaire.

Personal Stylist

What are the methods of payments? Can I pay by cash?

We only accept card payments via our payment provider for this service. You may use cash to pay for the items during the session itself.

What do you recommend as shopping budget?

It depends on your needs and preferences! We can shop on a very small budget to an unlimited amount. We focus on educating you on what suits you, without the pressure of buying. Whatever your budget is, you can be sure that you will get the best items available and will come away with a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched together.

What happens If I can’t make my appointment?

If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment, you must inform personal stylists/ booking coordinator as soon as possible before the scheduled time. If less than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given, 100% percent of your total fee will be non-refundable and rescheduling is not possible. This is subject to a case by case basis.

What happens if I cancel my booking? Can I get a refund?

You are entitled to cancel your booking and get a full refund 48 hours before the service commences. After this time, you will not be able to have a refund. This is subject to a case by case basis.

What happens if I’m late for my appointment?

If you are running late for your appointment, please let the booking coordinator know. Your stylist will start the session and will be working on creating your perfect wardrobe until you arrive. Due to popular demand, your stylist may have a booking immediately after yours therefore extending due to lateness is not possible. If you are running late for your appointment, please let the booking coordinator know. Your stylist will start the session and will be working on creating your perfect wardrobe until you arrive. Due to popular demand, your stylist may have a booking immediately after yours therefore extending due to lateness is not possible. If for some reason, the stylist is late, this time will be added on at the end of the session

What happens if I’m sick on the day and would need to reschedule?

We understand that people get ill and we recommend that you contact your booking coordinator ASAP. Less than 24 hours notice will incur a rescheduling fee of EGP 400. This is subject to a case by case basis.

Will I be able to bring a friend with me to the session?

Like any other experience of this kind, our styling sessions are best where it is one-to-one with the stylist. This is because each person have their own unique style and having a personalised styling session allows us to maximise the amount of advice we’re able to give. Therefore our styling sessions are priced for one person only. We do allow a guest if the client is under 16 or needs a chaperone for disability or mobility assistance.

Will I be paying for my items separately or is part of the service cost?

Items purchased during your style session will be in addition to the service itself.

Would I be able to book in person?

You may inquire at any of the concierge desks at the mall and pay for a styling session through the payment link, you will be then connected with your booking coordinator to arrange a date.

Would I be able to buy items from any of the Mall retailers?

You will be able to purchase items from any of the MOEg / Almaza City Centre retailers during your style session.

Would I be able to take breaks during my session (prayer, bathroom etc.)?

There will be plenty of time during your session for any breaks. If you have any specific requirements, please let your stylist know in advance.